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Trolley Rail Inspection

Trolley rail inspection

A special kind of crane rail are trolley rails. Beside the location of the rail it is a piece of rail with many elements which are in use with relative heigh speeds and frequent movements. This will mean you need to keep this piece of rail in SHAPE to prevent unforeseen downtime during operations for your ZPMC, Konecranes, Kalmar, Liebherr, Kuenz, Noell, Mitsui, SANY or any other brand of crane.

We provide global trolley rail inspection services for:

New or overhaul cranes

Maintenance of trolley rails start before operations start. It sounds perhaps strange, but checking the alignment of the trolley rail of any new or overhaul crane is a starting point for all operations. Because of the transport of the crane it is common that trolley rails are out of tolerances when they are commissioned at the client. Doing a check before starting operations can prevent a lot of problems and costs later on.

Annual maintenance inspections:

Because of the importance and the use of trolley rail an annual inspection is advised including an interview with the users. They feel and hear everything during the operation and can give you an earlier indication of problems that can occur the coming period. With our experience we acknowledge these indicators and will provide you with a maintenance solution to prevent down time.