Rail asset management

Crane Rail Inspection

Crane Rail Inspection

Crane rails are more than only just a pieces of steel. It requires maintenance and is an essential part for your daily operations. The frequency of maintenance is hard to determine by a general rule. Every crane rail track has different settings and many factors which will influence the annual maintenance works and period inspections.

Do you want to be surprised by a shut down for incident maintenance or do you want to prevent this and program your maintenance based on inspection knowledge.

Let us keep your crane rail in SHAPE with a preventive inspection.

Worldwide Crane Rail Inspection

We can provide you with world wide services:

  • Detailed maintenance reports bases on a visual inspection
    • Rail, including measurement of wear
    • Sole plates, sleepers
    • Grouting condition sole plates
    • Weld inspection
    • Rail clips
    • Anchoring system
    • Buffer conditions
    • Water drainage system
    • Earthing
  • Survey report to check rail alignment tolerances
  • Assist you during any maintenance works or arrange works to be done according requirements.