Shape rail services

Crane Rail Inspection  

Crane Rail Design, Crane Rail Inspection, Crane Rail Supervision and Trolley Rail Inspection

Crane rail is an asset of great importance for your daily operations. Like all assets you cannot operate without it and requires knowledge to install, maintain and inspect. Our team combined, has more than over 40 years of work experience within the field to help you to keep your crane rail in SHAPE to fit your requirements.

Within the world of crane rail there are globally many contractors, but we supply independent worldwide consultancy.

Our crane rail services:

  • Design & calculations
  • Inspection and reporting
  • Suveryor services
  • Supervision during construction
  • Handover inspections
  • Maintenance advice
  • Problem solvers
  • Tender management
  • Contractor selection

Shape rail services

Crane Rail Inspection & Rail asset management

Advise and Supervision

Investing in cranes means investing in crane rails. Investments for the long term requires knowledge to make the right choices for now and in the future.


Crane rails is more then only just a pieces of steel. It requires maintenance and is an essential part for your daily operations.

Trolley rail inspection

Because of the heigh speeds and frequent movements during operations, trolley rail  requires frequent inspection to prevent downtime of your cranes

Crane Rail design & Project Management

New or existing terminal developments require a comprehensive approach. We help you make informed choices at the start, minimizing long-term costs (CAPEX and OPEX). Our experts design a efficient crane rail system, prepare tender documents, and find suitable contractors. We stay with you until handover, ensuring your crane rail is in perfect SHAPE!